Privacy and Cookie policy What collected and used, and for what purpose. This privacy policy available in both English and Dutch.
Revision: 4 Last modified on: October 12th, 2018
About Ingmar van der Poel My name is Ingmar van der Poel. I am a software developer. I create, among other kinds of software, websites. Like this one. You can find more information about me on the homepage.

Purposes This web application and all third parties mentioned in this document, only collect data for the purposes described in this privacy policy. An exception can be made if the permission of the user is obtained in advance.
Types of personal data The types of personal data processed by this website: IP Address, Name and Email address.

  • Contact form Both the Name and Email address are collected and sent to the website administrators to enable them to reply to your message.
Retention period The retention period depends on the kind of personal data and the purpose for which they are processed.

  • Contact form The Name and Email address as well as the contents of the message sent via the contact form, will be stored as a database record and as an email message. The personal data and message contents within the database record are encrypted. The email message will be stored within the inbox of the email address to which it is sent. The database record and email message are not removed automatically, but can be removed on request.
Encryption / Security When you send a message via the contact form, all the data, including your email address and name, will be stored in encrypted form. This message could then be automaticly send to a email address of me (Ingmar van der Poel). A secure connection will be used for sending email. Please be advised that after delivering the message to the mail server, it is not guaranteed that this mail server will then also use secure connections when the mail server relays this message to the recipient. Not all mail servers on the internet can handle secure connections.
Changes The contents of this privacy policy can be modified if needed. You are advised to regularly consult this privacy policy.
Cookies This web application uses cookies. Cookies are textfiles that are saved on your device, and which the web application can read.

This web application uses cookies for various reasons. One of these reasons is to be able to provice certain functionality. But also to keep statistics. For example, how often a certain webpage is opened. Or which browsers are used. This web application uses services of third parties. It is possible that these third parties use cookies as well. This will be further explained in this privacy policy.
Third parties The data collected by this web application are only shared with the third parties mentioned in this privacy policy.

  • Google Analytics This web application uses Google Analytics. This is done to track how this web application is used. Among other things cookies are used to accomplish this. The data collected by your visit to this web application is sent to Google. Google processes this data and is also stored by Google. Among other things, this information consists of your IP address, your browser name, your browser version and the webpage that referred you. By using this data Google generates reports and statistics. By using this application you give permission to send your data to Google and you give Google permission to process this data. Read the privacy policy of Google and the privacy policy of Google Analytics for more information about how Google treat and process your data.

    Privacy policy of Google

    Privacybeleid of Google Analytics

  • Google reCAPTCHA This web application uses the Google reCAPTCHA service to defend the web application against abuse and automated attacks. This service checks whether the user is human or a robot. The Google reCAPTCHA collects and sends date to Google. Among other things this data consists of the IP address or the user, but also other software and hardware related data. By using this web application, and therefore also the Google reCAPTCHA service, you give permission to send this data to Google and you give Google permission to process this data. Please read the privacy policy of Google for more information about how Google processes your information.

    Privacy policy of Google
Your rights You have got the right to request insight in your personal data processed by this website, make an addition, request to correct them and request removal of your personal data. You can make these requests by using the contact form on our contact page.